Living More Sustainably

Living Sustainably

How can we live within the limits of the planet’s resources and its ecology without prejudicing the life chances of future generations?

Our aim is to bring this issue to the forefront and to help encourage people to make positive practical changes.

Why is this important?

Humanity and the ecosystems we all depend on are facing many threats including climate change, biodiversity loss, depletion of natural resources and pollution.

These issues are interrelated – the ever-increasing demand for resources to support excessive consumption and global food chains puts natural resources under more and more pressure. This in turn causes habitat and species loss, pollution and climate change.

We are jeopardising future generations’ ability to live sustainably as it is clear that if we carry on down this path we will undermine the earth’s ability to support us.

What can we do?

  • Reduce general consumption of “stuff”.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Encourage repair, re-use and recycling.
  • Cut out single use plastics.
  • Support local businesses.
  • Grow your Own and garden for biodiversity.
  • Work with others to protect and enhance our Green Spaces.
  • Boost your well-being
    • Join in and connect with others within the community.
    • Reconnect with nature.
    • Value simplicity, not “noise”.
Come along and join us!

Actions you may like to take (or are already taking)

Consume Less, Waste Less

  • Consider your carbon footprint
    • Do you really need more “stuff”?
    • Consider your car use and flights.
    • Avoid buying from countries like China which emit the most CO2.
    • If replacing white goods look for the most energy efficient.
    • Think about food miles and carbon usage associated with your diet and “stuff”.

STOP PRESS – SinCH’s new carbon footprint page is now live.

  • Consider reducing or eliminating meat & dairy intake and increase intake of plant-based foods.
  • Buy UK and organic when possible, maybe try an organic box scheme
    • (Abel & Cole are already delivering on a Wednesday to the Haywoods).
    • The Derbyshire-based Farmacy Coop is available once a fortnight – order at and have your items delivered to the Roots building in Stafford for just £2.
  • Consider purchasing via our local wholefoods group buying scheme at wholesale prices, or via Roots Bulk Ordering Club.
  • Cut down on food waste – for recipes the BBC website is a good place to start or Waste Savvy Staffs.
  • Avoid single-use plastic food and household products and Refill household / bathroom liquids rather than buy new each time. Local options include Tranquility in Stafford and Peak Health, Rugeley.
  • Get your milk delivered in glass bottles by a local milkman.

Repair, Re-use or Recycle

  • Can you fix the problem? Check out the manuals here or, if not, check out the local Repair Cafes at:
  • Buy secondhand and upcycle wherever possible.
  • Check out local Freegle groups at Rugeley and Stafford.
  • Not everything can be recycled and putting the wrong things in the blue bin causes loads to be rejected which are then more costly to dispose of. Check out Waste Savvy Staffordshire for detailed information.
  • There are specialist recyclers who take a range of items rejected from the blue bins. SinCH works with partners to do this so please bring the relevant items to our monthly Coffee Mornings at the Lamb & Flag. Check the list of what’s taken here.

In Your Garden / Home

  • Support biodiversity in your backyard – find some ideas from our Green Fingers project.
  • Choose Peat Free Compost – peat bogs capture CO2 and destroying peat releases even more CO2 back into the atmosphere. (Available at the Wildlife Trust Centre, Wolseley Bridge and garden centres).
  • Keep a real lawn – leave grass to go wild in places. Maybe try a No Mow May.
  • Grow wildflowers and insect friendly plants.
  • Create a bug home – or even a hedgehog home.
  • Go organic and avoid the use of potentially harmful insecticides / pesticides.


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